Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Captain Mike

Captain Mike is a United States Coast Guard Master Captain and has been charting the waters of St. Augustine, Florida since 2016.

Captain Kevin

Mr. Kevin has been educating the community and public on the local ecosystem since 2017. Mr. Kevin is also a licensed captain and local tour guide.

First Mate Ms. Kristie

Ms. Kristie has been an elementary educator since 2012. She has taught grades K-4th in the public school system. Ms. Kristie is passionate about marine science and educating others.

First Mate Mr. Marcel

Mr. Marcel has been an educator and coach since 2004. He has worked with students from ages 3-18 years old. Mr. Marcel is also a licensed captain and local tour guide.

First Mate Ms. Annie

Ms. Annie has been a St. Johns County School teacher for 8 years. She is looking forward to an awesome summer full of education AND nature - her two favorite things! While she isn't teaching, she enjoys taking her dogs to the beach & traveling the world!

First Mate Miss Zeanna

Miss Zeanna is a third-year college student at Florida Gulf Coast University studying Environmental Studies with a double minor in Climate Change and Education. She is excited about spreading her passion for the local marine ecology to others!

First Mate Ms Monica

Ms. Monica has a Bachelor Degree in Coastal Environmental Science and is actively involved in research to protect local waterways from bacterial pollution and coastal erosion. She is eager to share marine science to inspire the hearts and minds of our younger generation, knowing that the experiences we have as children, shape the adults we become in the future!

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