Your Gift Is The Difference Between A Generation That Understands And A Generation That Never Gets The Chance To Learn.

With your help we can, and we will do more.

Your donation today will go towards thousands of students and families learning about how to be better caretakers of our planet. That ripple effect will last for years to come. Your investment in environmental education will create better students for planet and a better planet for the students.

1Where does my donation go?

Donation made to our organization go to running tours for students groups. It costs around $220 to run a tour, and even with a small ticket fee from groups, we operate at a $35 gap. Your donation of $35 can fill the gap between a tour running and students staying home .

Apart from tours all donations will go to operations costs including, employee pay, marketing materials, and equipment costs.

2Is my donation tax deductible?
3Are donations recognized?
Donation over $1,000 will be recognized on our website and can be listed as partners. For donations of that size,
please contact 904-827-7728.
4How else can I help?
Spread the word about Florida Water Warriors! The best way for us to serve the community is for you to tell your families and friends if you enjoyed our tour! If you would like to support us in ways other than giving money, we would ask that you consider writing a review for us on facebook or yelp!

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